The standard color for concrete is gray. Just like you see when you are strolling down a city sidewalk. Concrete also comes in various colors. When considering a newly poured concrete project, our customers will often choose to go with colored concrete instead of the standard gray. For newly poured projects, colored concrete is mixed at the plant. When the concrete arrives, it will be completely mixed with the color of your choice. As your contractor, GO Custom Concrete, should know of your color choice by the morning of the scheduled pour date, if not sooner.

While there are numerous choices for colored concrete, we recommend the following colors:

-sequioa sand -mocha -omaha tan

-sangria -sandstone – bayou

-canyon -omaha tan

While color choices will vary in price, these color choices are moderately priced and look

very nice when poured.

To view color choices: www.daviscolors.com

You can also view pictures of colored concrete projects on our Facebook page and in the gallery of our website.

GO Custom Concrete will always be happy to recommend a color choice that will help compliment your home, and enhance the finished product and the environment surrounding it. We know that new concrete projects are often exciting and our goal is to leave you with a custom project you will be happy with for years to come.