Concrete Care, Warranty, and Information Guide

Curing: Your concrete will be curing for the next 60 days. This is the natural hardening process.

We recommend that you do not use the newly poured area for seven days; this includes parking,

placing patio furniture, grills, etc on the newly poured area. You may walk on the area if needed

the day after, but limited access is advised for seven days.

Colored and Stamped Concrete: Your colored and stamped concrete will be protected with a

commercial grade cure and seal, Dayton Superior J25. This will help protect the concrete from

stains or fading from the sun. It also assists in the curing process. We recommend that your

concrete is power washed and resealed again in 1 year to protect it, and every 2 years following.

This maintenance can be scheduled through Go Custom Concrete, for an additional cost.

Cracking: Your concrete is poured at 4000 PSI (pounds per square inch), with wire mesh and re-

bar where needed. This is for strength, durability, and vitality of the concrete. Because concrete

shrinks as it dries and cures, all concrete will crack. In Colorado with such an extreme variety of

weather it will contribute to ongoing stress of the concrete. Joints have been placed in order to

guide the cracking. However you may notice thin “hairline” cracks in other areas. If this

happens, please be assured that it will not affect the integrity of your concrete.

Snow and Ice: We do not recommend that you use any type of de-icer for your concrete, as it will

damage the concrete and can cause flaking. For colored and/or stamped, the best method is to

remove with a plastic shovel to avoid scratching. If you must apply something, as safety is

priority, you can use kitty litter or sand, please be advised this may cause some abrasions to the

surface of the colored and/or stamped concrete.

For Driveways:

During the winter months, your vehicle may pick up salt on the roads and highways used by city

crews to keep streets safe. We recommend, in order to avoid getting salt on your driveway, try to

wash your vehicle regularly, especially the undercarriage.

Go Custom Concrete LLC offers a 1 year limited warranty for extreme (more than 1 inch) settling

or rising, and for spalling (immediate flaking of concrete within the first few days after pour.) The

concrete can be torn out and replaced at cost. Our customer will pay for the new concrete and

labor only. This is good for 1 year from the date the concrete was poured. The warranty does not

include cracking, hairline, or otherwise. As a courtesy to our customer, we will come out and

apply a clear sealant on hairline cracks, that are not in the joints, this can be requested for 1 year

from date of pour.

Again, thank you for choosing GO Custom Concrete; it has been our pleasure to serve you. If

you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.