What is Stamped Concrete?

Stamped Concrete is the process of applying a texture on the surface of newly poured concrete for design purpose. Once the concrete’s surface is ready, a “stamp” is physically applied to the surface of the concrete which leaves an impression on top. This is a beautiful and decorative way to customize your newly poured concrete. There are numerous choices in stamps.

Popular choices that GO Custom Concrete recommends are slate stamps, such as : Italian Slate Stamp, Old Granite Slate Stamp, or Belgium Slate stamp. This gives the top of the concrete a rock like appearance. You can even give a patio, or any newly poured project, the impression of wood with the Wooden Plank Stamp. The possibilities are endless.

To view the various choices in stamps visit: www.prolinestamps.com

This will give you a good idea, on what stamp to choose for your project. You can also view numerous stamped projects on our Facebook page, and on our website gallery. While most people choose to have colored concrete poured when choosing a stamp finish, it can also be done with standard gray concrete.

Whenever our customers choose a Stamp, we will also use a secondary color to enhance the look of the stamp. This can be applied while stamping or after the concrete is power washed and before it is sealed.

Should I have my new concrete stamped?

Go Custom Concrete recommends stamped concrete for patios,  walkways, and some porches. Driveways can also be stamped, it looks amazing, and is done often. It is important to recognize, however, that when concrete is stamped, it tends to be much more slippery when wet. So please take into consideration the grade of your driveway when deciding on whether or not to stamp your newly pour concrete.

What are some other Decorative Options?

With GO Custom Concrete we are true to our name and offer various other ways to “customize” your newly poured concrete, this includes:

    • Trowel finish (fan finish) -Rounded edges on steps
    • Decorative joints -Creative Design with Forms
    • Hand cut brick patterns -Stamped Joints

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Read more reviews about our stamped concrete in Colorado Springs

This company was by far the best! They built a colored and stamped patio and sidewalk and it looks great. When they came to do the estimate, it was under what other companies had estimated and with no hidden charges. The customer service provided was also a plus. Everything worked as scheduled and described. The workers were very respectful and professional. On the last day, they cleaned up all the debris and took care of other details that was not even on the contract. They clearly exceeded my expectations and my wife’s expectations. I will definitely love to do business with them in the future. We are a very satisfied customer.